Claire – Owner – Young Nails Mentor

Claire is one of the owners of TLC, as well as managing the Beauty Suite, Claire is also the Young Nails Mentor for Devon.

Treatments: Nail Enhancements, Manicures, Pedicures, HD Brows, Makeup

Favourite Food: Pizza!

Favourite Joke: Whats the fastest cake in the world? “Scone”

Pet Hates: Knuckle Cracking

Taryn – Owner – Stylist

Taryn specialises in the inventive! As one of the owners of the salon Taryn manages the Hair Suite and is usually the first face you’ll see when you enter the salon

Treatments: Cutting, Colouring, Styling, Childrens Cuts, Mens Cuts, Special Occasion Hair

Favourite Food: Roast Dinner

Hobbies: Reading and playing the PS4

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Sharon – Stylist

Shes the original stylist, Sharon has been with TLC since it began and before that Jane’s, with 28 years experience!

Treatments: Cutting, Styling, Perming, Colouring, Mens Cuts, Childrens Cuts

Favourite Colour: Purple/Pink

Hobbies: Caravaning and Walking with my Cockapoo Babies (yes thats a dog breed and they look like teddy bears!)

Favourite Food: Grapes, in liquid form…

Jaz – Stylist & Beauty

Another original TLC girl shes been here since the start filling the salon with her unbelievable kindness

Treatments: Cutting, Styling, Colouring, Mens Cuts, Childrens Cuts, HD Brows, Nail Enhancements, Makeup

Favourite Food: Thai food

Hates: The cold

Best Memory: Oooo thats a toughy! Either the day my fur baby Xena came into my life or my nephews being born

Chloe – Beauty

The sweetest girl with a wicked sense of humour, Chloe has previously worked in a retreat spa but since decided that the TLC life was for her where the staff have affectionately renamed her Chlois

Treatments: Lash Specialist – Lash Tinting, Lash Lifts, Lash Extensions, Nail Enhacements, Manicures, Pedicures, Facial Waxing

Favourite Food: Anything that’s not good for you

Obsession: Unicorns! Anything Unicorn!

Hobbies: Netball

Kaylie – Stylist & MUA

The newest member to TLC but she was born for this salon! Having previously worked in both a Bideford Salon and a Barnstaple Salon she has definitely found her place in TLC

Treatments Offered: Hair Extension Specialist, Colouring, Cutting, Styling, Mens Cuts, Childrens Cuts, Special Occasion Hair, Makeup

Favourite Colour: Pink

Pet Hates: Loud sloppy eaters

Best Memory: My daughters face when we walked into DisneyLand!